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Jana Bennett

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The Velata Story

Inspired by the best food traditions in the world, Velata’s simple, stylish, and social products help families turn minutes into precious moments. Our goal is to help families just like yours slow down and enjoy each other as you enjoy food together — and turn dinnertime and parties into cherished memories.

After two years of using Velata products, we realized there hasn’t been one occasion where we didn’t need a set of ultra-sharp knives to prepare foods. We found we were constantly cutting up fruits, vegetables, meats, or fish and needed the right cutting tool for the task.

This season, we’re excited to introduce Velata Ceramic Knives — a must-have for any kitchen! Perfectly designed to stay sharp and feel great in your hand, our knives make prepping foods safe, easy, quick, and fun!

Whether you choose to purchase Velata products, host a party, or join the growing family of Velata Consultants, we look forward to helping your family serve up memories for years to come.

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